The Subaru Levorg takes a bow

Subaru Levorg

The new Subaru Levorg offers responsive handling and all-wheel drive.

The underrated Subaru Levorg has been revamped and features a new engine, fine-tuned suspension and more technology.

The estate car has permanent symmetrical all-wheel drive to deliver driver confidence wherever the vehicle is taken.

The exterior has also been refreshed for 2019 and it’s a capable and comfortable car to drive around town and a good performer on long distance motorway journeys.

Subaru Levorg features a new petrol engine

The refreshed Subaru Levorg features a new 2.0 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine that works with the firm’s CVT Lineartronic transmission.

It’s an effective combination with the all-wheel drive and the responsive handling to deliver better levels of driver enjoyment and comfort.

Subaru has also revamped the front end with a sharper grille and new fog and headlight designs.

There are also 18-inch alloy wheels but it’s for the cabin that makes the Levorg stand-out.

Subaru Levorg has styling upgrades

Subaru Levorg 2

That’s because the Subaru Levorg has had styling upgrades to the door trim, instrument panel and switches.

The driver’s seat now has powered adjustable lumbar support and there’s a new folding rear seat configuration to boost convenience.

Subaru has also fitted a 7-inch multifunction touchscreen that’s intuitive and works with smartphones plus there’s a DAB radio and the audio and infotainment offerings will meet the needs of what drivers expect today.

Alongside this, there’s a useful satnav system and the cabin is a comfortable place to spend time.

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While many may not be pleased that there’s just one engine, it is a good performer though it is for the car’s safety features that should really grab attention.

That’s because the Levorg is one of the safest cars on the road with a raft of driver assistance technology, including lane departure warning, pre-collision braking and adaptive cruise control.

There’s also blind spot monitoring and Subaru has retained the reversing camera and added a new front view camera – they’ve also fitted what they call a ‘smart rear view mirror’ to boost visibility for those areas that are normally obstructed from the driver’s view – particularly when reversing.

Available in six colours, the new Subaru Levorg will be in dealerships from July.

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