Another new Skoda is unveiled

Just weeks after launching its Citigo, Skoda are at it again with news of the new Rapid.

Skoda Rapid

The new Skoda Rapid

Not a great name for a motor which sits between the Fabia and Octavia models and let’s hope it does better than the previous incarnation which helped fuel years of crap Skoda jokes.

There’s plenty of room in the vehicle which, Skoda says, embodies its new design ideas. That means that all future Octavia and Fabia models will probably also look like this car.

The Rapid will debut at the Paris motor show and will officially launch later this year.

Oh and it is the first to feature the new brand logo. There are five petrol engines and two diesel choices and no indication of what it will cost.

Skoda obviously have high hopes for the model which they are pitching at families looking for a comfortable saloon with high safety features and decent economy.

That’s Ford Focus and VW Golf country so things should start to look interesting in that segment in the months to come.


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