Are Friends Electric and Are Electric Cars Your Friends?

Photo credit: NRG eVgo

Would you like to drive an electric car? For some reason I have always wanted to get in one and put Gary Numan’s Are Friends Electric up really loud.

I don’t even like Gary Numan but I wouldn’t want this to put me of the idea of moving with the times.  Maybe I could go for Eddy Grant and Electric Avenue instead but you get my point; electric cars are great and good songs with the word electric in them are pretty hard to come across.

A new system is to be revealed which will make it quicker to recharge these cars and might therefore make my dream a bit easier to realise. It seems that between 15 and 20 minutes is how long it will take to get the juice back in your vehicle. Next week is when it will be demonstrated for the first time.

An Exciting Demonstration

If you want to see this exciting demonstration (note; the demonstration of a car being recharged might not, in itself, be all that exciting) then the world preview will be in the Electric Vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles. The event will see the charging system which is being supported by VW, Porsche, GM, Ford, Daimler, Chrysler, BMW and Audi.

The official word from the Volkswagen Group is that the charging method to be shown next week in the show will allow “affordable deployment” of both electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to keep them going.

The idea is that you car can be fully charged in a quarter of an hour if you use a public charging area, while doing it at home will take a tad longer. The system will also be based on a “uniform standard” to ensure that all of the different elements are standardised across the industry.  It looks as though my dream is getting a bit closer and I’ll really need to get a move on to find the ideal song.

Wait a minute though, didn’t Debbie Gibson once have a song out with electric in the title?

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