Five door option for the up!

It’s the world car of the year and now buyers can pick up a five door version of the popular up!

VW up!

VW up!

The car costs just £365 more than the equivalent three-door model, with wide-opening rear doors and a starting price of £8,360.

As a ‘city car’ the up! has quite a lot of interior space and it’s definitely aimed at the upper end of the car buying segment with some nice touches to the dashboard.

The five-door range mirrors that of the three-door, with a choice of Take up!, Move up! and High up! models, plus the special edition up! Black and up! White. Five-door models are expected to make up just over half of all up! sales.

The 60 PS Move up! BlueMotion Technology returns 68.9 mpg on the combined cycle and the 75 PS High up! BlueMotion Technology offers 67.3 mpg (though I think you may find that people buying these cars aren’t getting similar results).

A fully electric version will join the range in late 2013, and an automated manual gearbox will become optional later in 2012.

So that’s the new five door up!

Enough with the exclamation marks already!!!!

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