New spec and price for the Mercedes SL Roadster

New Mercedes SL Roadster First Vehicle Leasing

The Mercedes SL Roadster will impress

This is the updated Mercedes SL Roadster which will be appearing in dealer’s showrooms from April with a new price.

The entry-level Mercedes SL Roadster SL400 will cost from £73,800 and rise to a wallet-busting £173,300 for the impressive AMG SL 65 range topper.

The carmaker is currently taking orders and deliveries are expected later in 2016.

The two seater drop-top has been revamped with a new exterior style, including a tweaked bonnet.

The Mercedes SL Roadster comes with ambient lighting

On board, the Mercedes SL Roadster comes with ambient lighting and a redesigned instrument cluster. As usual there is a range of options to personalise the cabin.

Under the bonnet, drivers will get to enjoy a range of engines with the entry-level SL 400 having its power boosted to 360bhp – which helps to improve its 0 to 62 mph time to 4.9 seconds.

Performance is boosted with the firm’s nine-speed automatic gearbox, a new addition, and is fitted as standard on the entry-level model and the SL 500. Other models come with a firm’s seven speed automatic gearbox.

Handling on the Mercedes SL Roadster

Handling on the Mercedes SL Roadster has been improved with Active Body Control which reduces body roll when cornering at speed and there’s also the firm’s automatic emergency braking system on board.

However, despite its aggressive stance, the Mercedes SL Roadster is really built for convenience and comfort and it will be a nice performing car with lots of refinement.

The roof, which is a folding hardtop, can be raised and lowered up to 25 mph with a boot separator to increase capacity when the roof is stowed.

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Among the list of options is Mercedes’ driving assistance package which includes cruise control and active steering.

However, there’s also the impressive option of a ‘Magic Sky Control’ roof which will change from dark to transparent at the flick of switch and there’s also Apple CarPlay available too.

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