Infiniti Q30 joins the active compact segment

It’s been a long time coming but the anticipated Infiniti Q30 will deliver what the firm says is a unique premium car with a design led approach.

This is a global entry for Infiniti and is aimed at attracting a new generation of buyers to the marque.

The Infiniti Q30 was unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show and the carmaker is hoping to cash in with its offering for the premium compact segment, a fast-growing part of the car market.

It also will lead the firm’s aim for global growth.

The Infiniti Q30 that reaches the UK is fairly similar to the bold 2013 concept version unveiled by the firm and its styling should attract attention.

Q30 will offer exceptional handling

Infiniti says the Q30 will offer exceptional handling and ride characteristics with a ‘go-anywhere’ potential.

The key to the Infiniti Q30’s success will be the high level of engineering and safety standards which will underpin a class-leading driving experience.

In addition, the cabin has been designed to be a comfortable and enjoyable place to be – Infiniti says it offers the ‘Infiniti experience’ and it does have a lot of luxury feel and design for the money.

Essentially, for anyone looking for a compact luxury crossover, then the Infiniti Q30 will be for you.

The carmaker’s going from strength-to-strength with car sales up 14% in Europe last year.

The new European-built Infiniti Q30 will go on sale later this year with prices starting at just under £20,000 for the petrol model and £20,730 OTR for the diesel model.

Infiniti Q30 City Black Edition

To help gain a foothold in what is a competitive segment, Infiniti will also unveil its Infiniti Q30 City Black Edition which is being created for its European market exclusively.

Indeed, the firm says this will be a unique ‘first edition’ and will offer new customers a lot of car for the money – it’s priced at £26,110 OTR and is available now.

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