New interior for the Subaru XV

The impressive Subaru XV crossover as had a slew of upgrades and modifications made to it in line with other improvements to the carmaker’s line-up.

The biggest changes come with a retuned chassis and an interior upgrade among significant improvements.

The Subaru XV now comes with the new infotainment system which first appeared earlier this year in the Outback.

The XV is already one of the best performers in the compact crossover class with a low centre of gravity and high ground clearance and now the handling has been further improved.

Subaru engineers have made changes to the suspension to give a more compliant and smoother ride without sacrificing stability.

In addition the interior comes with improved materials and there’s a new navigation and infotainment system with touchscreen access fitted as standard across the range.

Subaru XV has voice control

The system also comes with a voice control which helps the driver keep focused on the road ahead while being able to select their favourite album or radio station.

This ability also extends to the satnav and the destination can be changed by voice though many may find the ability to change the cabin’s temperature very useful.

As with other carmakers, there is a growing number of smartphone apps to enable functionality that can be downloaded including traffic and weather reports, news updates, audio apps and a calendar.

There’s also a new rearview camera which offers good vision when the vehicle is reversing.

Subaru says that the new interior design brings a higher quality feel and look and there’s an all-new instrument binnacle, redesigned dashboard and new steering wheel switchgear.

Dampers and suspension in Subaru XV boosted

There have been several changes to the dampers and the suspension which is also strengthened which means there aren’t as many vibrations within the cabin.

New owners will also find there’s not much in the way of body roll on corners at speed.

The XV’s abilities off-road have always been a strong selling point and these have been underlined with the new improvements.

Subaru have also improved noise insulation within the cabin and improvements to the body styling have led to reduced wind noise and improved aerodynamics.

The revamped Subaru XV will be available later this month from the firm’s dealer network.

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