New Mercedes A Class offers a sportier ride

This is the new generation of the Mercedes A Class and it offers a more dynamic ride than its previous incarnations.

There’s also better comfort levels and drivers can create a sportier performance with the firm’s ‘dynamic select’ to switch between driving modes.

This switch in performance takes just a few seconds and will see the transmission, suspension and engine as well as the steering and air con being altered to the driver’s requirements.

To help underline how much more powerful the new A Class is, there’s also a ‘launch assist’ function to help boost the fastest acceleration from standstill.

Mercedes has also added an Eco display to help drivers develop a more environmentally friendly driving style.

Wide range of engines for the new Mercedes A Class

There’s also a wider range of engines available including an impressive A 180 d unit (the ‘d’ replaces the previous CDI suffix) for the range which produces 109 HP while having CO2 emissions of just 89g/km.

Mercedes have also added its new A 220 d 4Matic to the line-up.

Mercedes say that the entry-level version of the Mercedes A Class AMG will be the most powerful compact sport model available; the car will sprint from 0 to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds – that’s 0.4 seconds quicker than the model it replaces.

The A Class is also the first Mercedes that comes with a comprehensive smart phone integration system – all of their models will have it from next year.

Essentially, the new system means the driver will no longer have to touch a screen to make a call or send a text message since everything will be displayed on screen and will be voice activated.

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As should be expected, the new Mercedes A Class also comes with a wide range of safety equipment and includes attention assist, collision prevention assist and autonomous partial braking to help avoid rear end collisions.

One of the reasons that Mercedes pours so much energy into its A Class is that it has not only been a great success around the globe but it’s also a stepping point into the Mercedes range for many customers.

Apparently, two out of every three customers who are new to the Mercedes brand are opting to buy the A Class.

While sales in the UK grew by 46% last year, its largest market is still in Germany.

Available to order from July 3, the first Mercedes A Class models will be in showrooms by the end of September.

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