The new BMW X1 is unveiled

As a compact SUV, the BMW X1 has been a huge success since its launch but the new version is not so small now.

Since its debut in 2009, there have been 40,000 sales of the BMW X1 in the UK and 730,000 around the world.

The new model has more dynamic styling and improved fuel efficiencies.

There’s a range of new engines underneath the bonnet – a choice of three diesel units and just one petrol engine.

The most efficient is the BMW X1 sDrive18d which will return 66mpg with emissions of 114g/km.

The petrol unit will return 45mpg and has emissions of 146g/km.

BMW X1 has impressive four-wheel drive

There’s also an impressive four-wheel-drive system, it’s a tweaked xDrive, which will drive the front wheels for most of the time but when it detects a slip, it can send up to 100% of the torque to the rear wheels.

The new BMW X1 is a lot taller than the model it replaces and the cabin has been improved to be a more comfortable place for the driver – the centre console, for instance, has been angled to face them.

There’s also a new chassis to help boost handling and agility. There’s also the option of BMW’s dynamic damper control system to help easily alter the car’s characteristics.

Standard equipment on the new BMW X1 includes the firm’s iDrive operating system with a 6.5 inch colour display, air conditioning, front foglamps, central locking and keyless engine ignition. Satnav is also standard on the UK’s models.

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As usual for BMW there’s also an extensive list of options including a panoramic glass roof, DAB radio and a forward vehicle collision warning system.

There’s also more space in the cabin for passengers and the ride is also higher. The boot is also slightly longer and the rear seats can be split and folded flat.

When looked at in profile the X1 has more of an SUV shaped rather than its predecessor’s estate design.

Prices have yet to be revealed but the new BMW X1 will go on sale from the end of October.

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