Does Formula 1 Still Excite You?

Photo credit: David Merrett

I saw a snippet of Formula 1 news the other days and a sad thought occurred to me; it is no longer of any interest to me.

Back in the day I used to snuggle down with a big supply of Chelsea whoppers and a carton of Um Bongo to se whether Nelson Piquet would pip Alain Prost or whether Keke Rosberg could beat them to it.

Even Kabbadi Was Worth Watching

I used to watch any type of sport going in the past, mainly thanks to the influence of my Dad. He would put his life on hold to watch a meaningless game of darts or a regional final of Kabbadi, so I grew up in the same way.

As I have got older I have lost interest in some of the sports and Formula 1 is one of them. Is this because it is no longer as interesting as it once was or is just that I prefer other things now? My initial reaction was that I miss the big names and the personalities like those I mentioned above.

I still follow football, golf and rugby but the other sport which seems to suffer from this decrease in the number of interesting players is tennis. I loved Wimbledon time when it meant that McEnroe, Lendl and Connors would be coming to town, but none of the current players get me all that interested.

So what would I do to improve Formula 1? First of all I would call for an immediate reintroduction of Chelsea whoppers, as they were an integral part of the experience. Apart from that, I need some drivers who could get me interested in the sport again. I love watching cars race round the track at high speed but it loses its appeal after a while unless I have someone to cheer on and, more importantly, someone to cheer against. Give me a Formula 1 villain and I’ll be back with my Um Bongo in no time.

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