Fill Her Up!

Alright, I’m going to sell my Bimmer, move to Italy and buy a Fiat.

Why? Because in Italy, when you buy a new Fiat before the end of July, you’ll get your fuel for just €1 a litre, against a current market price of €1.83. Converted, that’s just £0.81, instead of the usual £1.48! And not for just the first month or so, not even for just the first half a year. The deal is valid until the end of 2015. That’s so far away, I’m not even sure the world will still exist by that time!

OK, there are, of course, a few conditions. Firstly, the deal applies only to new Fiats. Anything else from the Fiat portfolio – Lancia, Abarth, …, Ferrari – is excluded from the promotion: major bummer! Secondly, there’s a total fuel budget that can be used up until the end of the deal. The exact amount depends on the model you opt for. For a Bravo, exempli gratia, which is a very good looking and underappreciated car, the budget is about 2,000 litres. Doing the math shows that to equate to about 28,000 miles for the most fuel efficient model, provided the driver’s foot isn’t too heavy. Moreover, the deal includes usage of a fuel card, so there’s no filling up your own gas guzzling monster with the fuel intended for your wife’s little 500.

Fiat’s promotion is in cooperation with the IP fuel company in Italy and applies to both diesel and petrol taken in at one of the chain’s 3,700 stations in the country.

I guess it’s a nice promotion stunt, that talks to the imagination and people being fed up with paying through their noses every time they fill up. But, come to think of it, in the end you may just as well get a Fiat company car – or any other brand for that matter – and make sure you get the fuel included in the deal. Saves you from having to move to Italy as well (not that it isn’t nice there).

In short, you might as well practice your puppy eyes for the next time you see your boss.

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