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Peugeot 107 from First Vehicle Leasing

Time to take the city by storm in this funky little 3-door supermini!

If you're looking to buy a citycar, then you simply can't ignore this design, whichever of the three badges it wears. Why should you choose the Peugeot 107 deal? Well, some might say it now looks the smartest of the three, but beyond that, it will probably come down to price, specifications and the proximity of your local Peugeot dealer, all factors that will leave Peugeot confident of clinching the deal.

Performance and ability for the 107

In fact, thanks to a high driving position, tiny dimensions and light power steering, this car really is at home in an urban setting . One useful option that many drivers will like in town traffic is the 2-Tronic semi-automatic transmission basically a manual box without a clutch, though it will impact your running costs and add about a second to the 0-60mph time.

The 107 offers comfort and equipment

Newer rivals might seem to offer more personality but don't overlook the 107 on those grounds until you've tried one. The three cylinder engine isn't only green and mean: it has a unique sound and the cheery styling looks good with the right colour choice and the addition of a few carefully-chosen extras. This is a best seller, and for good reason: don't expect that to change any time soon.

More information about the 107

Why not have a look at the 107 on the official UK company web site and get the latest news about the 107 in the UK at The UK Owners' club. You may also like to see what they're saying about the 107 on the Top Gear web site.

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Turn on a sixpence and slip into those tight parking spaces that bigger cars have to reject with the modern, funky and surprisingly spacious Peugeot 107. The interior is bright and lively and you can even play your MP3 player directly through the car's audio system. It has ample room for you and three passengers as well as plentiful storage for those little bits and pieces you need to carry around. This car is a real star in and around the city, make your driving wishes come true by leasing a Peugeot 107. With a combined fuel consumption of around 65.7 mpg it's cheap to run and insure and leasing a Peugeot 107 will also help you offset some of the depreciation that you suffer when buying.

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Peugeot 107 Video Review - First Vehicle Leasing

FACING THE FUTURE: The Peugeot 107 has been given a nip, a tuck and a few engineering revisions to ensure it remains one of the premier city car picks. Jonathan Crouch reports