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A car which set its own rules!

With an historic sporting heritage going before it, everything made by Alfa Romeo is closely scrutinised to ensure it is staying true to its roots and that's the case with the Giulietta. It may be a family hatchback, but the Italian carmaker has come up with something that should take on the VW Golf. Whilst the driving ability is pure Alfa; it's fun and responsive and a class apart from other family hatchbacks, the Giulietta offers something different.

Stylish looks with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta

There's no doubt that the Alfa Romeo Giulietta has been well-designed, it has eye-catching looks and it's also been fitted with some excellent engines. In addition, the interior is not only stylish and well laid out but it's also quite spacious. While the Alfa Romeo Giulietta handles better than some of its rivals, they trump it in the quality of build stakes which for many people could be the decision over which car to buy. It's also only available as a five door.

Model and engine choice for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta

There's a choice of four models in what is the carmaker's best attempt for many years in producing a family hatchback and there's a good choice of equipment. The engines include a 2.0 litre diesel, a 1.4 litre turbo petrol and 1.6 litre petrol which have decent performance and are reasonably economic, the 1.6 litre diesel is the most efficient, returning 64mpg. The 1.4 litre petrol version will return around 44mpg. The handling is dynamic and responsive, the suspension is also very good and soft enough for the UK's bumpy roads to create a very pleasant driving experience.

More information about the Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Why not have a look at the Giulietta on the official Alfa Romeo UK company web site and get the latest news about the Alfa Romeo Giulietta in the UK at The UK Alfa Romeo Owners' club. You may also like to see what they're saying about the Alfa Romeo Giulietta on the Top Gear web site.

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The dashboard also looks stylish but some of the buttons aren’t where you would expect them and it can be difficult to use when the vehicle is moving. While Alfa is producing more reliable vehicles, the Giulietta doesn't quite compare with the likes of the VW Golf or, indeed, the Honda Civic. The car is very safe though and has scored five stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a car designed for style and driving ability and this is where the vehicle really does score, it's great to drive on long journeys and it's also fun in towns and cities. There's good range of equipment available with air con and electric windows fitted as standard and the pick of the crop would probably be the Lusso which has cruise control, dual zone climate control and Bluetooth connectivity.

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